Nokia best smartphone

Nokia C1 Release Date Update:

Till Now the Release date of Nokia C1 Android is available 7th September, 2016. The Nokia C1 is the first Android Smartphone of Nokia. You May know that, till Now, Nokia didn’t release any Smartphone. So, the people who like Nokia are still waiting to Purchase the C1 Android Nokia Smartphone 2016 powered by Nokia. If you one of them, please stay with us here and get the latest information about the Nokia C1 Release date. While we are getting information from the Authority and management of Nokia, We are hearing that the Smartphone will Release delay from the current announced release date.

It was told the Nokia C1 Android Smartphone will release on the October 2016. We are trying to find out the exact release date of Nokia C1 Android Smartphone 2016. Just stay with us on here and learn more details about the Nokia upcoming C1 Android Release date.

Nokia C1 Android Smartphone Price Update:

The Expected Price of Nokia C1 Android is 190-200 USD. Till now, the exact Price of Nokia new C1 Android Smartphone 2016 didn’t announce! We are working to find out the Exact Price of Nokia A1, P1, C1 or c2 Upcoming Smartphone 2016. If we get any information update about the desire Smartphone, we will include the info in this post as soon as possible.

The Price of Nokia latest C1 Android Smartphone for the Indian is 12,990 (Expected). The Exact Price is currently unavailable. We hope that the exact price of the desire Smartphone will available after Release or when Nokia will announce the exact date of Release.


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